With her trademark down-to-earth, conversational style and her penchant for stories and illustrations,  ROCK founder and Chief Content Expert Maureen Brown shares Lessons from the Trenches learned from her more than three decades in the Diversity and Inclusion industry. Always with an eye to ‘getting real’, Maureen shares from her deep reservoir of experiences and knowledge, as she inspires her audiences to embrace the inclusion journey.

Whether addressing the C-suite or the frontline, Maureen likes to de-mystify diversity. A former journalist and community based researcher, she has seen the difference between what organization think people’s lives are like as their staff or customers, and what people say when she sits with them on their couches or talks to them on their community centre basketball courts.

“Let us start with our common humanity”, Maureen says. “Then use that as the backdrop to the roles we play, whether as CEO, manager or frontline worker. Plans and strategies are critical…but for them to work, we need to take into account the human side of our diversity!”


In a GRID (Getting Real on Inclusion and Diversity ) workshop you self-examine; grow knowledge; and, build or sharpen practical skills to understand and address individual and systemic exclusion that affects teams, clients, customers, and constituents.

Our workshops address topics such as:

  • Unconscious Bias
  • Anti-Black Racism
  • Anti-Racism
  • Diversity ABCs
  • Growing intercultural competence (connected to Intercultural Developmental Inventory—IDI—assessment exercise)
  • Serving diverse clientele
  • Cultural and systemic change

Workshops can be introductory (D&I 101); advanced; or designed for targeted participant groups e.g., frontline staff, middle managers; or leaders.