With her trademark down-to-earth, conversational style and her penchant for stories and illustrations,  ROCK founder and Chief Content Expert Maureen Brown shares Lessons from the Trenches learned from her more than three decades in the Diversity and Inclusion industry. Always with an eye to ‘getting real’, Maureen shares from her deep reservoir of experiences and knowledge, as she inspires her audiences to embrace the inclusion journey.

Whether addressing the C-suite or the frontline, Maureen likes to de-mystify diversity. A former journalist and community based researcher, she has seen the difference between what organization think people’s lives are like as their staff or customers, and what people say when she sits with them on their couches or talks to them on their community centre basketball courts.

“Let us start with our common humanity”, Maureen says. “Then use that as the backdrop to the roles we play, whether as CEO, manager or frontline worker. Plans and strategies are critical…but for them to work, we need to take into account the human side of our diversity!”

Workshops and Webinars


GRID webinars are opportunities to explore topics like anti-racism; anti-oppression; unconscious bias; institutional and structural exclusion in an informal way. Think of them as teasers for a deeper dive into these topics or as preludes to GRID Conversations. You get solid nuggets to chew on; lessons from the trenches; and stimulating perspectives you can use to challenge yourself to reach farther in your journey of inclusion.


In a GRID (Getting Real on Inclusion and Diversity ) workshop you self-examine; grow knowledge; and, build or sharpen practical skills to understand and address individual and systemic exclusion that affects teams, clients, customers, and constituents.

Popular Workshops

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Anti-Black Racism: Knowing It…Taking Action…Defeating It

As a topic racism is fraught with discomfort, guilt, and often, defensiveness. But in today’s environment it has become a topic we cannot avoid.

This workshop explores a key question at the root of the conversation: why has anti-Black racism so entwined itself in society that even after 400 years it is still defying any effort to eradicate it? The workshop is a chance to ‘get real’ on anti-Black racism: its contagiousness; how it fuses with and infects attitudes and behaviours; and how it gets baked into the cultures and systems that govern our lives.

The workshop is an opportunity for new learning, self-reflection, and growing our ability to address anti-Black racism and becoming effective advocates and allies—whether at home, at work, or in the community.

Participants apply concepts to everyday situations, and they learn how to engage meaningfully in the discussion on race. The watchwords of the workshop are respect, sensitivity, and diversity of thought.

Unconscious Bias and the System that Supports It

This workshop explores unconscious bias as part of an ecosystem that confers privilege…and exclusion. Many admit that “we all have our biases”. They mean this as individuals and are even prepared to acknowledge sources of these biases, such as upbringing, media, or past experiences.  

But getting real on inclusion and diversity demands more than recognizing—even owning—personal bias. It calls for ability and willingness to recognize bias through the eyes of those affected by it. This is challenging because individual biases fuse with attitudes and behaviours that legitimize them through invisible cultures and systems that oppress others.

Workshop participants gain a heightened awareness of their own unconsciously held biases, but further, they leave with a deeper understanding of how these biases play out in everyday life and how they become amplified. The workshop motto is: “Creating safe space for brave conversation”.

Diversity ABCs: The Basics you Need to Know

This workshop introduces participants to basic concepts and understanding they need if they are to participate meaningfully in efforts to ‘get real’ on diversity and  inclusion.

The workshop provides a basic, introductory understanding of diversity and inclusion. It demonstrates how everyone in the work and service environment, regardless of their background or life situations, is a part of the diversity picture. And, it invites self-reflection on personal response to diversity, exploring questions such as: What is Diversity? Where do I fit into the picture? What do I need to learn and to unlearn about it? Why does diversity matter?

Participants apply concepts learned to real-life situations in their own work environment, current events and/or case studies provided.

Professional Development


  • From Diversity to Inclusion…Finding your North Star
  • Baked into the System: Where to Look for Anti-Black Racism and What to Do About It


  • See It…Know It…Handle It: How to identify and address “isms”, “phobias” and other forms of exclusion on your team
  • Your Team is Not on the Same Page on Racism. Strategies to help you get them there


  • Customer Service in a Diverse Environment

Don’t see a workshop that meets your needs?