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What a Neck Injury Taught me about Diverse Teams

In this Episode I liken a neck sprain I sustained in an accident to the strains and fractures that can happen on a diverse team. I describe similarities and share 3 lessons I learned about what to do after a strain or fracture. I leave you with 3 takeaways you can use in your own team.

Intro: How I got the injury

Lesson 1: What the injury taught me about how even unintentional actions can hurt a team.

Lesson 2: What the injury taught me about avoiding chronic team dysfunction by addressing strains and fractures immediately and in the right way.

Lesson 3: What the injury taught me about adopting a long view on healing diverse team fractures.


1) Strains are inevitable on a diverse team: people do things that hurt others, even unintentionally

2) When your team experiences a strain or fracture, its critical to avoid platitudes and ‘both-sides-isms’ (making the victim share the blame even when its not their fault)

3) Space for redemption and healing will make your team healthier and more robust.

Definitions and Resources:

Homophobia: An irrational fear of or aversion towards people who are gay. Transphobia: An irrational fear of or aversion towards people who are transgender. For more check out 2SLGBTQIA+ scenarios in the Divigo Help Centre; and 2SLGBTQIA+ tab in the Resource Center.

Isms: Short for different forms of discrimination, oppression, and exclusion, such as sexism, ableism, or racism. Check out Divigo Help Centre and Resource Centre tabs on those topics. For Racism also see the micro-learning courses in the “Think Again” series.

Managing diverse teams: Check Divigo “Think Again” micro-course, Racism and Team Relationships; and Resource Centre tabs like “Inclusive Workplace” and “Favoritism”.