Facilitated GRID Conversations
on Difficult Topics

GRID (Getting Real on Inclusion and Diversity) Conversation sessions are safe spaces to define and wrestle with tough topics, clearing the way to support lasting change.

These facilitated discussions allow us to tell our stories; share our lived experiences; uncover the reality of exclusion; put a human face on “isms” (e.g. sexism or racism) and “phobias (e.g. xenophobia or homophobia); and, put ourselves into the diversity picture without minimizing other people’s experiences.

Before a workshop, a Conversation can diffuse tensions, lay the groundwork to maximize learning, and identify places for deeper engagement. After a workshop it can be the start of “Now what?” And on its own, it can be a place to just explore a topic people are curious about.

Conversation Samples


We have admitted unconscious bias. Are we ready for diversity?


I want to be an ally. Why am I afraid to call out oppression when I see it?


I’m uncomfortable talking about race…does this mean I am racist?

We are happy to construct a Conversation on other Diversity topics of your choice.

Here’s what people say about GRID Conversations

Thank you for sharing with us today! I thought it was the start to some very important conversations, I know the breakout group I was in definitely brought a lot of things to the table both from a system standpoint & individual reflection. Really appreciate your time sharing with us.

Rebecca Lee
Senior Manager, Performance Strategy & Enablement TIE Business Management
Technology, Innovation & Engineering
Alberta Technology Bank