Getting Real on Inclusion and Diversity

ROCK Diversity (formerly Diversity Trainers Plus—DTP) was founded by Maureen Brown in 1997. Our signature program GRID (Getting Real on Inclusion and Diversity) targets everyday practices, obstacles and ways of thinking at the root of systems that exclude and become oppressive to those considered ‘different’ because of characteristics such as gender; race; the way they think; their family status; culture or sexual orientation.

GRID offers a framework to understand the status quo and practical, innovative tools to address it.

The organization asks the ultimate question: “Let’s get real…Is what we’re doing making us more inclusive? If we think we are inclusive, whose voice is informing this belief? And if we know we are not inclusive, how do we fix it?”

GRID starter and maintenance programs equip it to answer at a systemic and individual level, using our specialized supports for managers, team leads, advisors and supervisors; virtual coaching and training; webinars, facilitated discussions and learning opportunities that build confidence to take action.

Looking to get real on diversity and inclusion?

Maureen Brown

ROCK Founder and Chief Content Expert

I entered the Diversity and Inclusion space 30 years ago, fueled by a passion for justice, equity, and inclusion. I have had the opportunity to fulfill this vision through training; strategic planning; community-based research; Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI™) assessments; and, creating supports for implementing Diversity Plans. I have done this work in sectors such as banking; retail; First Responder; government; post-secondary; unions; manufacturing; and healthcare. Before ROCK I worked for 11 years at the Ontario Human Rights Commission and the Anti-Racism Secretariat as a communications specialist.

With the launch of ROCK, our new brand, I am converting the experience I have been privileged to acquire—plus the best of innovative new approaches to diversity—into tools, resources and learning opportunities that build confidence and in-house capability.

ROCK’s GRID (Get Real on Inclusion and Diversity) program takes a clear-eyed, practical, lets-get-to-the-heart-of-the-matter approach to diversity and inclusion. I believe that this is a key component in dismantling exclusion systems that continue to plague us.   

Systems begin with people, so even as we wrestle with tough, complicated issues I strive to model the respect and empathy I encourage people to practice in the face of diversity.

A sense of humor goes a long way too. I see myself as a ‘chronicler of the human condition’ (I am an English Major and former journalist!), so I love to share stories and experiences that make diversity and inclusion real, down to earth, and relatable. I do this because even when getting real hurts, I want people to see the possibilities that come with taking the right and courageous steps true inclusivity demands.

Our Associate Experts

Our associate experts and the companies they represent possess a reservoir of knowledge we draw on to inform our products and services.

Divity Group Inc.
Dr. Golnaz Golgaraghi

Personal Leadership Development and Program Design and Delivery.

Dr. Golnaraghi fosters self-aware inclusive leaders who put people first. With a combined 15 years in corporate marketing and 14 years spent designing and facilitating transformative learning experiences, Golnaz is the Founder of Divity Group Inc. Divity Group offers leadership development and equity and inclusion programs for early career leaders; frontline/new managers; and women seeking to step into their full potential and to achieve the next level of success in their careers through transformative learning. 

Gandy Associates Inc.
Teresa McGill, Intercultural Relations Specialist

Established in 1984, Gandy Associates has served nearly 10,000 participants in hundreds of organizations, delivering a range of Business English training courses; curriculum development; and consulting services.  Gandy clients have included several Fortune 500 companies, in sectors such as technology.  Corporate clients rely on Gandy’s expertise to assess English language and intercultural communication development needs and to deliver training that makes a difference in teamwork, customer relations and leadership communication on the job.

Royal TDI Global Inc.
Tilda Mmegwa, Chief Strategy and Learning Officer

Royal TDI Global Inc.,, is a multinational assessment-driven advisory, strategic management and leadership capacity building & training company. TDI supports organizations in achieving sustainable higher performance and global competitiveness. TDI’s focus on innovation and technology led to its launch of My3D LearnTech, which uses digital technology to provide capacity building and eLearning support on three layered pillars: Discover, Develop and Deploy (

Tilda is a decorated expert including being rated #1 in Strategic Thinking by Certified Management Accountants of Canada (CMA, now CPA), who also subsequently selected her as Moderator/Trainer of its Strategic Leadership Programs. Tilda was also selected by Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM Canada) to present and lead the discussion on Governance Excellence: Managing Human Potentials in a conference organized for a cross section of top-government officers.

Charlene Lewis-Sutherland
Gender Specialist

Charlene designs and leads Diversity and Inclusion employee workshops to foster anti-racist, inclusive communities in multiple sectors. At McGill University in Quebec, Canada, she is the co-chair of the university’s Student Services Anti-Black Racism Working Group and is the co-founder of McGill’s Social Justice Community of Practice. Charlene sits on McGill University’s Joint-Board Senate Committee on Equity for Racialized and Ethnic Persons as well as the American College Personnel Association’s Commission for Social Justice Educators. Charlene has researched and studied, feminism, queer theory, social justice, and critical race theory.

MDB Insight
Research and Analytics specialists

MDB Insight supports ROCK to provide clients with clear, strategic, actionable diversity planning. Staffed by industry experts with decades of experience, MDB’s Market Research and Analytics Division conducts research to bring clarity to questions, problems, and business objectives that call for tough decisions. MDB’s data collection methodologies include computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), online surveys, online panels, in-person interviews, interactive voice responses, and mailouts. MDB gathers data on issues ranging from customer/employee satisfaction, to population perceptions on social issues.

Angie Bjornson, B.A. (Psych), CHRL, CHRP, HNCP
HR and Talent Management Specialist

Angie has for the past 20 years provided leadership in talent management and performance & learning, with targeted expertise in Career Management, HR and Organizational Development. With her holistic and narrative approach to employee selection and development, Angie is best known for her innovative approaches to hiring, assessment and employee engagement programs, including upskilling capabilities and capacity in interviewing performance conversations. Her unique perspective and experiences prepare clients for organizational success.